Freelancer Briefing: How to Avoid IRS and Tax Phishing Scams

Here are a few best practices and common phishing scams to keep in mind as you navigate the tax filing season.

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Ransomware Basics for Freelancers

Ransomware is a sinister breed of cybersecurity threat that continuously morphs and propagates with time. Follow these ransomware basics for freelancers.

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Alert: Update to WordPress 4.8.3 Now

An engineer found and reported a Wordpress vulnerability. The patch is out but you need to update to version 4.8.3.

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Freelancer Briefing: KRACK WiFi Vulnerability

KRACK is a vulnerability found in the WPA2 (WiFi Protected Access 2) security protocol. Because WPA2 is nearly ubiquitous across WiFi networks this is a big deal.

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